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Our Peerless Staff

Carolyn Anderson (Diné):  Carolyn is Navajo. She loves her cat Mary and her dog Frank. She likes to make things, to be outside, to grow things. She loves books about people, books about the natural world, and books that challenge conventional perspectives and encourage thinking outside the box. Carolyn is also an accomplished artist. See her work at Birchbark Books and at Birchbark manager!

Elizabeth Day (Ojibwe) is a filmmaker from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born on the Leech Lake Reservation and raised in the Twin Cities area, Day blends her Native American heritage with her urban upbringing to create films that employ traditional Ojibwe-style storytelling while using contemporary filmmaking techniques. Her work often explores the tension between traditional Native teachings and the life of a modern, urban Indian. A primary motivation for Day is recording and capturing pastimes of Ojibwe culture, an important and integral piece of Minnesota’s history.

Kate Day juggles our bills and everything else besides.

Prudence Johnson: Yes, THE Prudence Johnson, Songstress and Bookseller. See

Isabella LaBlanc (Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota) was born and raised in St. Paul. She’s a big fan of beaded earrings, museums and brunch. When she’s not at the store she can be seen onstage or on screen as a performer. Over the past ten years she has been onstage at the Minneapolis Children’s Theater Company, The Illusion Theater and The Minnesota History Theater among others, as well as in a handful of independent films and shorts. She loves storytelling and loves that she gets to be surrounded by stories at Birchbark.

Martha Meyer-VonBlon: Friend, neighbor, book lover. 

Christian Pederson Behrends is an artist, linguist, and bookseller interested in trees, the contemporary, and common sense. View his work at

Nathan Pederson gives his time and love to carefully construct and manage this website. Also buys books.

Sasha Suarez (White Earth Ojibwe) is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she studies the methods of community building among Ojibwe women in the 1920s to the present in Minneapolis. When she is not teaching as a graduate instructor or working at Birchbark, she can be found at campus and community events or writing in a variety of odd but cliché locations. Despite working on a dissertation, she still tries to write short stories and poetry as much as time and inspiration permits She also enjoys spending time reading memoirs and watching Doctor Who and bad made-for-tv movies with her pets who most certainly do not feel the same way about BBC and ABCFamily.

Jack Theis is a Pembina Chippewa artist, barista, and bookseller from south Dallas. He would like to pursue graduate studies in comparative religion and historical linguistics. Jack plans on working in academia, the arts, and endangered language revitalization. Jack loves coffee, dogs, decolonization, Indigenous self-determination, and conference interpretation.

Allicia Waukau (Menominee and Diné) enjoys looking up recipes and cooking for her little family. She loves to read historical fiction, fiction, young adult novels and poetry (but has lately been limited to board books for Grace!). Allicia likes being around kind people with a good sense of humor. She is looking forward to creating more roots in Minneapolis and planning her upcoming wedding. 

Miigwech and Pidamaya!

Canoe Woman