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A Man Called Raven
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Children's Book Press
Pub Date: 2013
ISBN: 9780892393053
Richard Van Camp
A Man Called Raven
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A Man Called Raven

by Richard Van Camp

Illustrated by George Littlechild.

Blending past with present, the magical with the real, A Man Called Raven is both a tribute to the wisdom of the raven and a positive reminder that we can all learn from nature.

When Chris and Toby Greyeyes find a raven in the garage, they try to trap it and hurt it with hockey sticks. To them, ravens are just a nuisance because they spread garbage all over the street. Or so they think until a mysterious man who smells like pine needles enters their lives and teaches them his story of the raven. In this intriguing book, A Man Called Raven, George Littlechild, internationally acclaimed artist and author of the Jane Addams Award-winning book This Land Is My Land, returns to collaborate with Richard Van Camp, an exciting voice in Native American literature. Set in the Northwest Territories of Canada, Van Camp s contemporary story draws from the animal legends and folklore told to him by his Dogrib elders. Littlechild s bold use of color and perspective captures the sense of mystery and magic surrounding the strange raven man who teaches the boys the meaning of respect for nature.

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